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My Upcoming Programs at The Commonwealth Club

I have been involved with The Commonwealth Club, Health and Medicine Member-Led Forum,  for 13 years and I am very proud of my previous programs and thrilled with my upcoming programs. Here are the upcoming programs that I’m sure you’ll want to attend. The only program that is live, at this time, is Dr. Adam… Read More

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Getting used to being home…

Hi all! I was speaking this morning with someone who wants to hire me to teach at his cooking school and I chat, naturally, about Shine The Light and of course, I blubber through most of it. We’ll be offering some great classes for adults and for kids. Currently we’re figuring out our calendars. Ditto… Read More

A New Home


First of all, let’s see some beautiful faces… Now that I’m home after 8 months, 41 states and 18,000 miles (!) Shine The Light needed to be redone. Where is Patty Now?…Home, is where I am….as just one example. We have until September 17th to gather more written surveys for Sonoma State and after that… Read More