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Veggies at Every Meal


Breakfast is an easy way to add more vegetables into your life. If you have oatmeal, add pumpkin or other winter squash, and top with cinnamon. In the spring wonderful little carrots (freshly pulled from the ground if you’re so lucky) are nice with a ginger slice added as you’re cooking the oatmeal. Egg dishes… Read More

Food Addiction 2.0


As co-chair of the Health and Medicine Member-Led Forum at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, I am chairing this program on Food Addiction. It’s 2.0, because the original was four years ago. The impressive speakers from across the country will present new information on this important topic. If you’re a health professional, you should… Read More

Water Conservation and Food


Do you want to know much water it takes to grow nuts, or fruit or a cow? The information on this website should be part of water conservation education.  

Intuition, Fear, and Aging


Intuition is here to keep us safe. Gut instinct-that feeling that something is wrong. I have found that I should listen to that nagging or sometimes immediate feeling that something is wrong. Fear is something else. Fear could mean someone coming towards you in a dark alley with a knife in his/her hand-that’s fear and… Read More

Open Wounds and Ulcers

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Open Wounds and Ulcers Open wounds and ulcers are serious concerns, especially for the elderly. It’s important to understand the differences as well as treatment and management options. Open Wounds An open wound is an injury involving a break in body tissue, usually involving the skin. There are five types of open wounds: Abrasion: An abrasion occurs… Read More