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Make it look appealing and they’ll be more likely to eat it.

A well-known nutritionist posted that perhaps kids don’t like plant-based foods because they are relatively nutrient-poor and contain less usable protein, compared to dairy, meat, and eggs. The point of the post was that kids are wasting veggies (put in the trash) because of the above reason, and linked to the below study while pointing… Read More

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Creating balance

We all know we need balance in our lives; all areas of our lives. What we eat and drink needs to be balanced. For me that means eating healthy food the majority of the time and limiting my glasses of wine. I’m good at this. Exercise needs to be a combination of cardio, stretching and… Read More

Vitamin D

Well, after being gone all year with Shine The Light On Kids, I am home and attended my first Commonwealth Club meeting all year…and I am co-chair! ( very nice of Dr. Grant to let me keep my title of co-chair while I was gone) It was good to be there and to be learning… Read More

Getting used to being home…

Hi all! I was speaking this morning with someone who wants to hire me to teach at his cooking school and I chat, naturally, about Shine The Light and of course, I blubber through most of it. We’ll be offering some great classes for adults and for kids. Currently we’re figuring out our calendars. Ditto… Read More