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Day 4 Buddha Bowl


This is a breakfast Buddha Bowl, and yes, it might just look like a bowl of cereal with fruit and nuts. Instead of raw greens, which most Buddha Bowls have has a base, this one has fruit as a base. Next is cooked steel cut oats, then (a lot of) cinnamon, and pomegranate seeds and… Read More

Day 3 Buddha Bowl


Today was Mexican inspired. You can watch the building the bowl process in photos. The topping with mayo/lime juice/smoked paprika/chipotle sauce. Yum! Just a little FYI: after I open a can of chipotle sauce I keep it in the frig in a glass container-it lasts a long time! First spinach and black beans tossed with… Read More

The Little Things


I teach a nutrition class at Sam Jones Shelter every Wednesday morning and it’s one of the most rewarding parts of my life. We have fascinating conversations. Today we ‘took apart’ a recent article about protein and looked at other parts of meat consumption-the environmental concerns. It was really interesting with lots of segueways.  One… Read More

Day 2 Buddha Bowl


Today I started the bowl with Quinoa, then I add lightly steamed Brussel’s Sprouts, then tangerines atop the quinoa. Next I chopped up raw carrots and placed those on the Brussel’s Sprouts, then added avocado, and finally I drizzled it with a little Ghee that I had melted with lemongrass. This Bowl was light and… Read More

Building a Buddha Bowl


A Buddha Bowl is packed full and has a rounded ‘belly’ much like the belly of a Buddha. Use some raw and some cooked veggies as well as grains and top with some sort of sauce such as Tahini mixed Miso with lemon juice and a little water. Here is a today’s Buddha Bowl recipe… Read More