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Sugar, Sugar, Everywhere!


Sugar, Sugar, Everywhere…. There are 600,000 items in the American food supply that contain sugar, so understanding the different types of sugar and the effect on your body and the environment is important. When people think of sugar, they think of the white crystals that are in most people’s sugar bowls. This common sugar is… Read More

Spices, Herbs, Flavor and Health!


One day, I’d like to attend herbalist school. Ancient wisdom and the wisdom of plants is fascinating to me. I was asked the write this article for the members of The Green PolkaDot Box. Spices, Herbs, Flavor and Health! Simply put, an herb is the leafy parts of plants and spices are obtained from seeds,… Read More

GMOs: Making Informed Decisions

GMOs: Making Informed Decisions With any subject, you need to understand the information currently available in order to make informed choices, while keeping in mind that five years from now the information could be quite different.  With regards to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) the information is vast and contradictory. According to The Human Genome Project… Read More