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Primary is the Only Prevention…

This list is from The Institute of Work and Health. I believe that health education-Primary-is what we should all focus on with nutrition education being forefront. Primary prevention Here the goal is to protect healthy people from developing a disease or experiencing an injury in the first place. For example: * education about good nutrition,… Read More

Small Steps to Health….some ideas for you.

Small Bites to Well-Being The New Year is here with all that ‘new’ suggests.  Perhaps you envision new work endeavors, stronger family ties, and convictions to be more involved with community. Many resolve to become a healthier person.  Whatever your goals might be for this New Year, I suggest you take small bites. Small bites… Read More

The Mother Sauces


There are five mother sauces: sauces that you will use time and time again, often with endless variations. The first is Bechamel Sauce, which can be used in lasagna, macaroni and cheese, on veggies (which I personally rarely do as I prefer veggies plain) and more. Here is the recipe for the first Mother sauce… Read More

A Brief History and Excited about 2013!


Up until now and welcome 2013! “Rock bottom became a solid foundation upon which I built my life.” J.K. Rowling’s Someone recently accused me of being impractical. The comment was fairly spat at me, so naturally I was puzzled and hurt, but the more I thought about it, the more I was able to put… Read More