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Spring Menu Ideas-Vegetarian

Mushroom Tart

Just a little inspiration….If you like, simply alter the recipes to include your favorite fish or meats. Monday Breakfast Roasted Asparagus with Poached Eggs and Tempeh ‘Bacon’ Sliced Strawberries Lunch Lentil Croquettes on Spring Greens Dinner Asparagus Guacamole with Crudites Risotto with Fresh Peas and Saffron served with a spring mix salad and fresh spring… Read More

Focused Optimism


Focused Optimism Climate change, and other factors, threatens our land, food and water security on a global scale.  Nationally our health is deteriorating– there are 18.8 million people currently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, 7.0 million more people undiagnosed and 79 million people with pre-diabetes. Just the cost to treat the diagnosed was $245 billion… Read More