Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives


A few words from Patty:

Nutrition counseling services are $90.00 an hour. I look forward to helping you obtain or maintain your good health.

“Healthy habits make a significant difference in the quality of our general well-being. It is easy to feel stymied by nutrition information overload. I use a coaching approach that guides you to choose healthy lifestyle changes that are easy to understand and practical to implement into your daily life. I provide nutritional guidance to bridge your natural desire for well-being and your body’s ability to heal itself. Consuming foods that are health supporting for your body’s unique needs and making lifestyle choices such as regular exercise, work to reduce stress and set the stage for health.”


With twenty plus years of achievement in nutrition research, culinary education, writing, recipe development and reformulation, food photography, and educational program development, I possess a wide range of specialized knowledge and leadership skills to assist you become healthier. My method for achieving this lies in nutrition science, as expressed in the culinary arts and in education.

Solid research is behind all that I do. I have excellent skills when it comes to digging out facts and then analyzing and distilling information into useful and accessible protocols and user manuals. My specialty is demystifying information and making it useful.

I’m a copious note taker and keen observer with a talent for figuring out the common denominators that connect a large body of information into a cohesive whole. Many people are strong at generating ideas and data, but they can’t translate their knowledge into content that’s useful to a wide audience. I have the ability to do exactly that in a way that both inspires and empowers people to attain healthier lifestyles through better nutrition.

Teaching and public speaking are also strong suits of mine. Although I love research and writing (I’m a syndicated columnist and I co-authored a popular cookbook), put me in front of a group of people of any age and I truly come alive. I’ve lectured to professional groups, but also taught cooking classes to veterans and underserved communities and run summer camp programs for children interested in cooking and better diet. My energy and enthusiasm really impress my audiences, and it’s exciting to see the effect that I have in helping people to eat better and live better.

There’s one particular project of mine that I feel well represents my life mission and how I seek to implement it. This involves the year that I undertook to personally interview children in 41 states about their eating habits and their needs for nutritional information. I videotaped over 100 interviews that I conducted with grade school children from diverse social and economic backgrounds. I submitted the tapes to a data team at Sonoma State University who analyzed the content and reported their findings back to me. The results formed the basis for a much-needed manual I wrote about what children wanted to learn and needed to learn about nutrition. Needless to say, I found this project, and its results, to be deeply satisfying on many levels.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to maintain or obtain your good health, and/or helping your business to improve the health of your employees.