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A few words from Patty:

“Healthy habits make a significant difference in the quality of our general well-being. It is easy to feel stymied by nutrition information overload. I use a coaching approach that guides you to choose healthy lifestyle changes that are easy to understand and practical to implement into your daily life. I provide nutritional guidance to bridge your natural desire for well-being and your body’s ability to heal itself. Consuming foods that are health supporting for your body’s unique needs and making lifestyle choices such as regular exercise, work to reduce stress and set the stage for health.

Career Experience 15+ years of Professional Experience in Holistic Nutrition, Culinary Education, Research, Writing, and Program Development.

  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Research and Writing
  • Curriculum Development
  • Genetically Modified Ingredient Expert
  • Experienced Educator & Speaker
  • Energetic & Motivational
  • Certified Natural Chef
  • Business Consultant
  • Recipe and Menu Development

Founder & Director DirectionFive Health       A non-profit organization created with the goal of developing effective teaching programs to address children’s health needs and help them live healthy, happy, more productive lives. Teaching modules, instructional videos, and educational material focusing on Health Education are part of the Program. Freelance Nutritional Consultant Patty James, MS, NC Traveled to locations around the U.S. teach­ing classes, giving nutrition presentations, and training educators. She also consults with businesses, restaurants, and schools to develop recipes and menus. Veteran’s     Patty created menus and nutrition classes focusing on assisting the veterans obtain their health. Many of the veterans had drug addiction issues that needed to be addressed as part of the program. Founder Patty James Cooking School and Nutrition Center, Sebastopol, CA     The first certified organic cooking school and nutrition center in the United States 2001–2008. Nutrition Counseling Sutter Women’s Health Clinic, Santa Rosa, CA Menu and Recipe Developer Grail Springs Spa, Bancroft, Canada Personal Nutrition Coaching Personal nutrition coaching is generally ongoing and empowers the individual to sustain healthy lifestyle changes by assisting with setting small, sustainable goals and overcoming challenges with food selection, triggers, and meal planning. This one-on-one counseling session is designed to address the nutritional changes needed to manage certain health challenges such as heart disease, diabetes, weight management, and other health related issues. Classes Patty’s specialty is teaching cooking and culinary skills while sprinkling the class with nutrition information. Patty will provide detailed instructions, guide you through each recipe, and leave you with the tools and knowledge to continue your journey to improved health and delicious meals and menus! If you would you like to try new foods, improve your cooking skills, or simply have a party in the kitchen with your friends, with Patty’s help, you can! Parties can be created by cuisine, cooking skills or menus!

Health Care Practitioners and Businesses:

Patty can create wellness programs for your business. Contact Patty James to discuss how she can help you or your business.


Patty is available to speak at your place of business, organization or school.