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Are you good at…

…PowerPoint presentations? Do you know how to edit I Movies? Care to help with Shine The Light On Kids? I need an exceptionally good PP presentation. Here is what I see:

Opening with a great song having to do with kids and inspiration. I was thinking the Power Of Love by Huey Lewis, but the song has to change frequently or it becomes a branding issue (of all things).

Next the outline of a US map in blue neon with the photos of many kids popping up in their state as I say their names (don’t care if it sounds corny. I’m teary just thinking about it!) By now the audience will be awake.

Next are health statistics. Graphs included, with photos of kids so folks see there are faces behind the stats.

I’ll go through the questions I asked the kids and the videos I filmed would be edited so many kids are seen answering that one question. In some cases this is going to be very powerful.

We’ll have quips and quotes from the kids-many heartwarming, some will break your heart, but almost always they will inspire everyone to help.

Lastly is what we envision doing to help. This is the crescendo, so to speak. People will be reaching in for their checkbooks at this point and we’ll be well on our way to helping so many kids! What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love is playing (too much?)

Please send this email out to everyone you know. We need your help. A film company who wants to give back? Anyone know anyone at Pixar or Lucasfilms? That said, college kids are often great at this. There is a time crunch so a learning curve wouldn’t work. I know there is someone out there who is waiting for an opportunity to help create something important.

Please help….

Thank you


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