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Obesity in America and other Countries

This was a fascinating article to write. It takes me way too long to write an article because I find myself drawn into the research…I hope you find this upsetting enough to do something about it starting with yourself and your family.If you’re all fit and healthy-good for you!-then help someone else. Obesity is excessive… Read More

Eye on the Bay interview

This Sunday, December 19th, I will be on Eye on the Bay with Susan Sikora on channel 12, the CW. 8:00 a.m. Also on is the Rev. Cecil Williams and his wife Janice Mirikitani. They are really incredible…

Kava Kava

I wrote an article (title given to me) for a web site and submitted the following, which was summarily rejected. No first person, no humor and definitely no tongue in cheek. Personally when something is funny it keeps my attention, but I understood their point and the article that was accepted was more professional. Here’s… Read More


On Thanksgiving we give thanks, mostly for our loved ones, our good health and all the aspects of our lives that really matter. We know that the important things in life aren’t things. Right around the corner is Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanza or whatever you celebrate. Then there is the New Year’s celebration and everything that… Read More