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We all have them and recognizing them can be liberating. Look at your reaction patterns to people and circumstances in all aspects of your life. Here are some observations based on my own life. When around moody people I tend to overcompensate and try to be the good-humor woman to lighten the air. Time and… Read More

It just struck me wrong today

As I am researching articles and studies for the Body/Mind Program for Shine The Light On Kids, I read the following: “People who have good emotional health are aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They have learned healthy ways to cope with the stress and problems that are a normal part of life. They… Read More


Age an interesting topic; particularly how people view their age. People in their 50’s complaining about getting older, aches and pains, needing to be more careful and the like. Getting skittish-afraid of that bone break or some other consequence that comes with taking chances. Maybe they have been there, done that, and don’t feel a… Read More

notion:CREATIVE and Patisserie Angelica

We have yet another fantastic company helping us with our non-profit helping kids with their health. It’s notion:CREATIVE. This is from their web site: notion:CREATIVE is a boutique design studio in Healdsburg, California that is fueled by creative brains Aly Anderson and Heather Prandini. We thrive on passion, design and creativity and have combined our… Read More

Launch Party!!!


Most of you know that I am founder and director of Shine The Light On Kids, a non-profit organization helping kids with their health. Last year I traveled the country interviewing kids from all walks of life about what they needed and wanted to lead healthier lives. Sonoma State University analyzed the data and on… Read More