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“What was that drug you gave me Mom?”

That was the question my daughter Olivia asked me after she took L-Glutamine for two days and her sugar cravings stopped. I explained that I didn’t give her drugs… geez. L-Glutamine is not a drug, but is the most widely circulating amino acid in the body. I realized that she wasn’t listening to anything else… Read More

Orangutans, Palm Oil and Your Heart

You might have noticed palm oil or palm kernel oil on a food label on cookies you picked up at the store, or perhaps on that bar of soap you just purchased. If you are like most, you didn’t think anything about it. Here are some reasons why you should. Palm oil comes from the… Read More

Acid/Base Chart

I have several acid/alkaline (or base) charts, but I found this one this morning while researching for an article. I hope you find is useful. Just remember, you need to keep alkaline for good health! Acid Base Values for 114 Foods The following table lists the acid, base values for 114 common foods. Base-producing foods… Read More

The Best Juice For…

Recently I was asked for my opinion for an article that was being written about the health benefits of various juices. I was given the titles—the best juice for—type-thing, and I filled in the blanks. I am not a big juice fan personally unless the juice includes pulp and contains vegetables. Best pick-me up juice… Read More