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Tomorrow is the Big Day!

On Tuesday February 28th at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, we have experts from all over the country coming to speak about Food Addiction. It’s not often we have this many experts in one place! Join us!

Coffee Choices

There was an article in the New York Times today about the hidden costs of using those little plastic cups that people use to make one serving of coffee. My biggest concern is not that perhaps they are more expensive than just brewing a pot, but what is the cost environmentally? More plastic, more waste-not… Read More

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread

I always have sourdough starter in my refrigerator and Saturday I started some bread. I say started because it was a 24 hour process, but worth the wait! Write a comment here if you want the recipe and I’ll email it to you!

The Path of Grief

It has been said that our biology becomes our biography. What does this mean? Think of your actions and reactions like the flow of water coming down a mountain. If you have suffered loss and grief, and I’m sure all of us have, then think back (or perhaps you’re in the thick of it now)… Read More