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Make it look appealing and they’ll be more likely to eat it.


A well-known nutritionist posted that perhaps kids don’t like plant-based foods because they are relatively nutrient-poor and contain less usable protein, compared to dairy, meat, and eggs. The point of the post was that kids are wasting veggies (put in the trash) because of the above reason, and linked to the below study while pointing to a photo of plain raw carrots (baby carrots–ah!–such a huge food waste issue) and what looked like peas and carrots. My take? Make the veggie side dishes and entrees more appealing! I’m not disagreeing that kids need protein, I disagree that veggies are nutrient-poor – they are key to good health. The post was steering people in the wrong direction.

Side note: I understand that these dishes might not be possible for school lunches, but simplified versions would be.

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