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Sleep or lack thereof


I am  healthy person with pretty decent habits most of the time. I eat well, drink enough water and exercise daily. What I don’t do well is sleep-never have. I am high-strung and run around on a daily/yearly basis on pure energy which I rarely run out of. This is why, of course, I get… Read More

A Fun Way to Help Kids Lead Healthier Lives


Hello everyone: As most of you know, I am founder and director of DirectionFive Health -commonly known as either DirectionFive or simply D5. D5 is a culinary and nutrition program for kids. This Saturday, September 15th is our second annual fundraising Gala and not only is the food and wine delicious and The Pat Jordan… Read More

Brining Basics

Brined Turkey

Brining Basics Brining is simply the technique of submerging meat, fish, or vegetables into a salty and often times flavored solution. Brining is an easy way to add additional moisture to leaner cuts of meat that can tend to dry out during cooking. Brining works best with meats that are naturally mild-flavored such as chicken,… Read More