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New Dip Recipe and the 21-Day Diet


I created another recipe (below) created for my company’s ( upcoming 21-Day Diet. It’s anti-metabolic syndrome, anti-inflammatory way of eating to improve health. Our first 21-day starts soon, and we’ll be seeking participants this next week. It will be fun watching people get healthier and loving the recipes and meals. Besides my recipes, we have… Read More

Melon Puree and Chia Pudding


Another breakfast idea. I really liked it. A couple days ago I pureed a Crane melon and froze it in ice cubes trays to add to my mineral water, but I also throw them in smoothies. This morning, I put 3 melon ice cubes in my Vitamix with a handful of kale and a splash… Read More

A Fun Birthday Party


It’s so much fun teaching a bunch of thirteen year-old girls at a birthday party! The request by the birthday girl was to learn to make homemade pasta, and ice cream sandwiches. The birthday girl didn’t consume dairy as she was aware that dairy made her allergies worse. Pretty great that she was able to… Read More