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52 ways to be healthier in 2015!

Patty James, July2010

52 Simple Ways to Be Healthier in 2015 It’s a new year and you are full of hope. This is the year you will claim or reclaim your good health! If you have a little feeling of dread in the back of your mind because this same scenario happens every year, have no fear.  Big… Read More

Pumpkin Ice Cream


No, we don’t eat ice cream often, but homemade is nice when we do. You can purchase organic ingredients and have the choice of ingredients that work for you. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, just freeze and place the frozen chunks in a food processor and pureed very briefly and then refreeze.… Read More

2015-Your Year!


If you have plans to make 2015 your year to obtain your good health, then I’m here to help. The key to success is to make small, sustainable steps! Join me and have fun while you learn so much, are well-supported, and by Spring feel like a new you! We’ll take some lovely walks/hikes, I… Read More