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Fermented Foods and Fire Cider


Fermented foods contain bacteria that are good for your gut. Our guts contain both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria, and consuming fermented foods adds health-supporting good bacteria to your gut. Eat raw sauerkraut, Kim Chee, and if appropriate for you plain yogurt or Keifer. Fire Cider is a drink you sip, especially in the cold-weather months… Read More

Lifting Your Mood


Lifting Your Mood We all have those days when things just don’t go our way, or we are simply in a bad mood.  Whatever the circumstances are for ‘that’ mood, are there any tips to help us snap out of it? If it’s not a serious depression or a chemical imbalance, then the answer can… Read More

Every Meal is a Message


What message are you creating? Is the message to your body saying that you appreciate it working well and you’ll see to it that it stays healthy? If your body is not healthy, then is the message in the meal might be that healing foods are being prepared and are on the way! If you’re… Read More