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Your Ancestry and Health

English breakfast-beans, black pudding (a biscuit made with pig's blood) poached eggs, bacon rashers ( looks like ham), tomatoes and mushrooms. Always

Look to Your Ancestral Roots to Discover Your Healthiest Cuisine: The cuisine of our ancestors can give us insights to our healthier self since the gene pool changes very slowly from one generation to the next. As an example, most people of European descent have a lower incidence of alcoholism when compared to Aboriginal Australians,… Read More

The Importance of Art


For children art shouldn’t be considered a luxury. There have been studies that show that children who participate in art classes do better academically than children who don’t. Art helps with motor development, language development, creativity, and cultural awareness. I believe these same benefits exist for adults. For many chronically stressed adults, the arts can… Read More



Pesto means pounded. What do you feel like pounding today? Granted, you can use a food processor, but using a mortal and pestle is fun too and can burn off some steam if need be. Personally, I like a mixture of basil and arugula with a splash of lemon to add a little zing and… Read More

Homelessness, Veterans and Health


I teach nutrition at a local shelter every Wednesday morning, and the week before last I did an impromptu survey about how many people in the class were homeless because of a medical problem. There were sixteen people in this class, and two out of the sixteen said they were there because of a health… Read More

A Roasted Vegetable Salad


Yum! There is something about a salad with roasted vegetables that gives you the best of everything! You can choose your favorite greens and dressing, and you have the depth of flavor of a roasted vegetable. Perfect! I like arugula and sunflower sprouts tossed with lemon and olive oil. Often times I add diced red… Read More