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Seduction and Satiety

Catchy title, I know, but it did get your attention. I am proud to chair this program at The Commonwealth Club on July 18th at 6:00 p.m. Stephan Guyenet is a Researcher; Science Consultant; Science Communicator; Author, The Hungry Brain; Founder and Director, Red Pen Reviews. As you can imagine the program will be very interesting… Read More

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Free, informative, and fun.

Hi all: I would like to begin giving informative health talks/lectures here and there around Sonoma, Marin and other Bay Area counties. I need to gather information about what Bay Area people and their families need to live healthier lives. This is research for me and help for you. No one will be turned away… Read More


A South Dakota young man

Happy Monday! First, I am very excited about our first event at Shelley&Young Winery in about 3 weeks! I sure hope to see you there. There is however something else to share. Dan and Jan O’Connell have volunteered their beautiful site for a huge Gala event as fundraiser for Shine The Light. It will be… Read More

Are you good at…

South Chicago sweet little girl

…PowerPoint presentations? Do you know how to edit I Movies? Care to help with Shine The Light On Kids? I need an exceptionally good PP presentation. Here is what I see: Opening with a great song having to do with kids and inspiration. I was thinking the Power Of Love by Huey Lewis, but the… Read More

Alrighty…about comments

So if you want to date me, or are into ‘cougars’, or perhaps you’re selling some type of technology that will make me millions or t-shirts of a different color, please, please…do not try to comment. I will feel badly pressing the ‘send to trash’ button and you don’t want to make me feel bad,… Read More

Our Very First Event!


I am so thankful that Kelley Young Winery has graciously offered their gorgeous winery for our first ever (after the road trip) event for Shine The Light On Kids! You’ll have a tasting of their excellent wines, nibble on appetizers and hear my Stories From The Road! Some are embarrassing, some are heartbreaking, some are… Read More