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A Microscope called The Flamingo

As many of you know I have been co-chair of The Health and Medicine Forum at the prestigious Commonwealth Club in San Francisco for 10 years now. It has afforded me the opportunity to meet such amazing people and hear cutting edge programs. On August 27th, Jan Huiskin from The Morgridge Institute is part of… Read More

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Summer Eating

Hello everyone! This is an article I wrote that made the publishing rounds. I hope you enjoy it! More recipes will be on this new web site soon; check back on the Patty’s Kitchen soon! Summer Eating The warm months of summer offers us cooling foods with high water content for hydration such as peaches,… Read More

New friends


Hi all: I love it when I have comments submitted from people I didn’t know-before they made their comment! I realize that sometimes I write about nothing in particular and sometimes the posts can be pretty personal, but so be it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you just tell about all your missteps,… Read More

Our T-Shirts are Ready!

Our Shine The Light On Kids T-Shirt

What does Shine The Light On Kids do? We Educate…kids and their families and anyone else who needs our help. When they are educated, they are empowered. Empowered to make better decisions in many aspects of their lives. When they-kids and adults-are educated and therefore empowered, they can change the world, beginning with themselves! I… Read More

Lightening Scar on a Redwood Tree


Yesterday I was invited to Kelley Young Winery to take a tour and sip on some wonderful wine. Here is the link to their Facebook page. While I was there, Kathleen showed me the lightening strike on one of their redwood tress. Isn’t this amazing? Kathleen also offered to host an event for Shine… Read More

End of life party

Most times we don’t get to attend our own end of life parties, because they’re called funerals Yesterday I did attend such a party, but the honoree was there. This is a man, almost 60 years-old, who has cancer, everywhere, and his doctor told him that he has perhaps 6 months to live. My friend… Read More