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‘Other Aspects of Health’

The Six Essential Steps


This article that I wrote was published in PsychCentral a few years ago.  If your life has changed suddenly, this might be helpful to you.   What To Do When Life Falls Apart: The Essential Six -Step Program What constitutes life falling apart? The death of a beloved spouse or family member? A marriage or… Read More

Kids and Family Dinners


I was perusing articles when I happened upon my thesis for my master’s degree. I hadn’t read it for a while and enjoyed seeing it again. The topic was on dietary fiber intake and the prevention of type 2 Diabetes in kids. The below is about the importance of dining with family. Among adolescents, there… Read More

The Importance of Art


For children art shouldn’t be considered a luxury. There have been studies that show that children who participate in art classes do better academically than children who don’t. Art helps with motor development, language development, creativity, and cultural awareness. I believe these same benefits exist for adults. For many chronically stressed adults, the arts can… Read More

The Importance of Nature


I had the pleasure and inspiration of seeing an elderly man, who was very stooped over, walk along the trail just ahead of me and my little grand children today. He was an opportunity for me to tell them about how important nature is for our soul, health and general happiness. When I ask kids… Read More

Day 7 and Juicers


Today is Day 7 of my Cleanse. The last time I posted about my Cleanse was the evening of Day 2 and I was a little cocky-no symptoms, I’m so clean, etc….Well the next morning I woke up with a headache and I really don’t like headaches. I almost took an aspirin, but held back.… Read More