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2015-Your Year!


If you have plans to make 2015 your year to obtain your good health, then I’m here to help. The key to success is to make small, sustainable steps! Join me and have fun while you learn so much, are well-supported, and by Spring feel like a new you! We’ll take some lovely walks/hikes, I… Read More

Staying Slim Through the Holidays


Staying Slim through the Holidays The holiday season is renowned for being the packing-on-the-pounds season. The following tips will help you to maintain or even loose weight during the season. Chocolates in boxes are everywhere… Don’t have them on your desk or in your house. Don’t put them in your freezer as that will not… Read More



Did you know that I have developed wellness/health programs for businesses? Please click on my Services page to learn more. I love to work with businesses and groups of people. I can assist so many people with something as important maintaining or obtaining good health while saving businesses money. Wellness programs are good for everyone.

Lab Results


Most people that I have worked with as their nutritionist don’t understand their lab results. They may understand some of the basics like LDL or HDL cholesterol but often times not the rest of the results. I firmly believe that education is a big part of health. We need to understand how to obtain or… Read More



I have spent the last week in Boston and Cape Cod and oh my was it a whirlwind! The history, the walks, the new countryside, the new friends- all in all it was a fantastic week. The last day there I decided to stay at home (home while there was at my friends Karen and… Read More