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The Healing Kitchen: A Class for our active duty servicemen and women and for Veterans

This class is my gift to our service men and women whether active duty or veterans.

My son Russell is a medic in the Navy and spent 10 months in the Helman Province in Afghanistan taking care of our Marines. My brother was in Vietnam.

I believe I have always appreciated our armed forces, but when you hold your breath for 10 months when your son is in harms way, a new appreciation sets in.

The class is called The Healing Kitchen

When: June 22nd

Where: The Lomitas Kitchen
2421 Lomitas Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA. 95404

Time: 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.

No class fee

If you are an individual or business who is interested in underwriting the kitchen rental fee and ingredient fee, please let me know.

Help me spread the word.

We’re making bread. Their hands in fresh bread dough will be calming and healing. Eating it will be pretty wonderful as well!


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