Healthy Kitchens Healthy Lives

Bookstores…..and other calming things in my life.

I LOVE bookstores.

Treehorn Books in Santa Rosa pulls you in and before you know it it’s been 2 hours and you’re walking out with Nozick’s, The Examined Life, after traveling the world in cookbooks. I love hardbound books that had been held in someone else’s hands.

I sauntered home with my new book feeling a little calmer. It’s 85 degrees today and luckily there’s a little breeze, so lemonade it is. I vowed not to work after 1:00 today and with Treehorn’s help I will keep that promise to myself.

Nature, especially the ocean, is the most centering for me, but books and being in the kitchen with a rolling pin and fresh fruit or a cutting board, sharp knife and fresh veggies does the trick.

Being calm-relaxing a little-is a very important aspect of your health. Hopefully you’re relaxing too this weekend!

P.S….secret wish…a sailboat. How wonderful would that be?


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