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PHS: Personal Health System©

I am very excited to tell you about my new service to assist individuals, families and groups of individuals with their health. It took me a long time to come up with a name that held all I wanted to say and offer. I’m very happy with the name of the program and the program itself. Read on…..!

PHS: Personal Health System®

What is the definition of system?

It is defined as:
1) complex whole formed from related parts
2) set of principles
3) way of proceeding
4) orderliness
5) whole body

A longer definition:
System: any organized assembly of resources and procedures united and regulated by interaction or interdependence to accomplish a set of specific functions.

Applying these definitions and principles to your personal health, your family’s health or any other group of people whose health you have a hand in maintaining, and it becomes much easier to become organized and to have a trajectory of good health. You’re organized-although, not rigid-and health becomes easier.

Your PHS might include:

Understanding health:

What does it mean to be healthy? Based on your own bodies’ needs, how can you obtain or maintain your good health? When you understand ‘health’ you have the knowledge to make health-supporting choices.

Getting organized:

Keeping in mind your own way of life, traditions, commitments, schedule, and any and all other parts of your life, plan a realistic path to health.
When you’re organized, you feel better and are more apt to stay with your PHS and make it part of your life.

It takes a village:

We all need help getting from one day to the other. Life should be fun and that includes your health. When some of the guesswork is gone, meaning you have assistance with maintaining your health, it all is easier, doable and is not a chore.

Your PHS:

Phone or Skype Consultations are the most common ways to communicate. In person is fine as well, if it works out. We’ll talk about your goals for your health. This first meeting is about an hour and a half (remember, we’re not rigid!) and you tell me all about yourself. Your life, habits, family, work, play, and what you know about your health thus far. You would have kept a three-day journal of food/drink and mood, and we’ll discuss these choices. I might ask you to see your doctor for specific lab tests.

Back to the definition of ‘system’, this would be the ‘complex whole from related parts’, part! I will ask you about your set of principles and we’ll talk about it during our next meeting. What’s important to you? How do you live your life? These are not small things.

Way of proceeding:

During our next consultation, we’ll discuss your plan based on your goals. This is where the longer definition of system comes into play. There is no ‘standard’ plan because we are all unique in our bodies, minds and goals. Everything will be tailored to you and what you need.

Your plan might include:

Your life: from cleansing your body to cleaning your pantry, your plan is tailored to you.

Various components:

Creating a healthy pantry
Meal plans and recipes
Grocery lists
Daily, weekly, monthly consultations/coaching
These can be organized as a group. Many people like a support system (a group) in place.
Stress Management

A PHS can be created for a family or a group of individuals who work together.


Initial Consultation $210.00

Subsequent Consultations: $ 140.00 hour
These can be divided into multiple phone calls or Skype meetings so as to support you frequently, if you so prefer.

Group rates are available.

Post script…

If you have limited funds, but need help, let me know and I’ll try to help if at all possible. We all need to help each other as much as we possibly can.

“Patty James’ extensive dietary knowledge and personal enthusiasm have
been a blessing. Her fast-and-easy cooking tips, geared to my particular health issues, have broken my vicious cycle of fatigue and eating whatever was handy. She is truly the brightest thing in my kitchen!”

C.R. of Sebastopol, CA


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