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Make it look appealing and they’ll be more likely to eat it.

A well-known nutritionist posted that perhaps kids don’t like plant-based foods because they are relatively nutrient-poor and contain less usable protein, compared to dairy, meat, and eggs. The point of the post was that kids are wasting veggies (put in the trash) because of the above reason, and linked to the below study while pointing… Read More

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Mary Lou Jepsen at The Commonwealth Club

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I am proud to chair this important program with Mary Lou Jepsen PhD at The Commonwealth Club in May. Preclinical data suggests Openwater’s wearable can destroy glioblastoma cancer cells 5x better than chemotherapy with no damage to the healthy brain tissue.  This could be a game changer for all aggressive cancers. Using the same basic hardware… Read More

My Next Book is Almost Ready

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Oh my goodness, my next cookbook–an ebook– is almost ready for the editor! I’m so excited for you to read it. There are stories, and recipes from different times of my life. It’s been quite the journey writing it. The last post was a photo of my Mom’s Apple Pie recipe which will be in… Read More

Food Photography

Mum's Apple Pie

My moms apple pie recipe, her rolling pin, and her teacups. It’s like you had the pleasure of knowing her! The right food photo can evoke so many feelings, besides wanting a slice of that pie! Recipe development, recipe reformulation and photography are just a few of my skills that I can offer you and/or… Read More

One of my favorite things


As I believe many if not most of you know, I am the Chief Innovation Officer at Foogal. My position at Foogal is in essence what I have been doing for 25 years. Research, writing, developing protocols for health concerns, developing recipes, and so much more! What I miss is teaching folks how to cook–adults… Read More

Traditional Diets


Mediterranean and other Traditional Diets The Mediterranean diet is the most well-known traditional diet, but there are 22 countries in the Mediterranean region so a one size fits all in this category is a misnomer. Each country along the Mediterranean Sea boasts a different diet, religion, and culture. For the most part the Mediterranean diet… Read More