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Lifting Your Mood


Lifting Your Mood

We all have those days when things just don’t go our way, or we are simply in a bad mood.  Whatever the circumstances are for ‘that’ mood, are there any tips to help us snap out of it? If it’s not a serious depression or a chemical imbalance, then the answer can be, yes. First of all figure it out. What happened to trigger the mood?  Something simple like falling off the sidewalk might do it, or perhaps waiting in the car to take kids to school and having to go in after a five minute wait to retrieve them only to find out halfway to school they forgot to put their shoes on? On a more serious note, issues with job, money, partner, friends, health and other such problems are more serious that take more frequent self-talk or professional help.

Don’t Do This:

Spend money-You’ll feel bad afterwards, unless you have a lot of it.

Eat Junk Food- You’ll feel bad afterwards and be more upset, especially if your mood is weight-related Drink too much alcohol-makes it worse.

Don’t yell at your kids or partner, make a phone call or send an email to someone in your life you’re not feeling really good about. You’ll feel bad and guilty afterwards and no one needs that. Wait a day, so you don’t have to eat crow later.

Do This:

Count your blessing! Yes, it almost always helps.

Look in the mirror. That mood doesn’t look so great on you, does it?

‘Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself’ by Sly and The Family Stone. Blast it…you can’t dance and be in a bad mood. If your bad mood is because someone is not letting you be yourself (or so you think) choose another song.

A good poor-me session with a friend who agrees with everything you say almost always helps. You both know its bologna, but you’ll feel better.

Force yourself to hold a smile for a minute, then breath deeply.

Go for a walk in nature if you can. Volunteer to help.

Being of service, I promise you, always helps. You’ll feel good about yourself and satisfied that you helped someone or some organization.

Make yourself a big, beautiful salad and/or a pot of home made soup! You’ll feel healthier and that almost always helps your mood.

Know that whatever it is, ‘This too shall pass.’

Remember that in tough economic times, many people have never been closer to their loved ones. Think about how that now you truly know what is important in life. The best things in life aren’t things. That should make you smile!


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