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Coming soon…our t-shirts!

Amanda May from ‘To Live By’ and I have spent some time designing our t-shirt that we will sell and is kindly giving to Shine The Light a portions of the proceeds. Pardon the non-professional model..(me)

I have no idea why there are 3 photos. I really am on a learning curve, so please bear with me!

This t-shirt, which pretty much says it all, will be available really soon; maybe even this next week. The t-shirts are made with organic cotton, which was very important to me. Cotton is a very heavily sprayed crop otherwise. They are lightweight and really comfortable. I hope you will order one or ten of them when they are available. I’ll let you know when you can order yours. They’ll be under the ‘store’ tab.

More soon!

Also thank you all so much for sending in surveys. Please, please keep them coming!!!!!!


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