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Coconut Products Brief Tips

I love coconut-always have. My favorite-besides fresh coconut nut, of course, is coconut milk that I use in a curry inspired veggie dish that I’ve been making for years.

Here are some brief tips for other coconut products:

Coconut Flour-Yes you can make pancakes or muffins with coconut flour, but don’t forget it’s delicious as a coating for fish, chicken or tofu as well.

Coconut Water-Coconut water is a potassium powerhouse, so drink after a workout-or anytime!

Coconut Sugar-Unrefined coconut palm sugar doesn’t effect your blood sugar nearly as much as white processed sugar, so substitute whenever possible.

Coconut Milk Powder-So handy to have in your pantry. Simply make coconut milk or add to smoothies or curries.

Coconut Oil- Buy two jars- one for your kitchen to sauté veggies and use in just about everything and one for your bathroom to use on your skin.

Coconut Butter- Use as a substitute for butter, margarine or shortening. You can also mix with cacao powder, honey or agave and lavender flowers for an incredible chocolate bar!


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