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‘Giving Back’

The Little Things


I teach a nutrition class at Sam Jones Shelter every Wednesday morning and it’s one of the most rewarding parts of my life. We have fascinating conversations. Today we ‘took apart’ a recent article about protein and looked at other parts of meat consumption-the environmental concerns. It was really interesting with lots of segueways.  One… Read More

Sam Jones Shelter and 52 Ways


As you know I teach at Sam Jones Shelter every Wednesday and this past Wednesday was New Year’s Eve and we had fun. We went over my 52 Ways to be Healthier in 2015. Much of what is it contains pertains to those who have their own shelter but all the folks in my class… Read More

Veterans Class on Thursday


This Thursday, November 13th from4:00 to 8:00 p.m., I will be teaching at Veteran’s Choice. The class will be primarily a cooking class and will be fun and delicious! It’s a simple, tasty meal that the Veterans will learn to make and then enjoy! Winter Greens with Honey/Mustard Vinaigrette Brown Rice Pilaf Broccoli with Lemon… Read More

Helping at the Shelter


I absolutely love teaching at Sam Jones Shelter in Santa Rosa. The class is interesting mainly because of the really interesting people who attend. I teach nutrition, but would love to adjunct my classes…with your help! Are you a Dentist? Do you do muscle testing?  Want to come with me and help some lovely people… Read More



They always polish their shoes. Clean shoes are a theme. I now rub my shoes a little with a wet towel before I show up so I don’t feel like such a slob, shoe-wise. They walk quietly. I have been sneaked up on a lot….(all in good fun). Of course in a war zone you… Read More