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Launch Party!!!


Most of you know that I am founder and director of Shine The Light On Kids, a non-profit organization helping kids with their health. Last year I traveled the country interviewing kids from all walks of life about what they needed and wanted to lead healthier lives. Sonoma State University analyzed the data and on… Read More

Data Release on April 20th


Be sure to join me and Tanya Scott, Program Director, for our first event releasing the data from last year’s journey interviewing kids all over the U.S. We are honored to have been asked by The Commonwealth Club to present the data for the first time as well as the new name of the non-profit… Read More

Pancakes on a Stick-please read

When I traveled the country last year interviewing kids about their health, I heard many times that they liked ‘Pancakes on a Stick,’ which I had never heard of before. Now that I’m in process of creating health programs and a book based on what the kids want and need, Pancakes on a Stick is… Read More