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I love watching these videos

I am currently writing the health programs based on the journey I took last year interviewing kids all over the country about their health. I’m making great progress! As part of writing these programs, I am referring to the data report that Sonoma State prepared for us and I’m also watching the videos again. Watch… Read More

2011 for Shine The Light

This is the year where everything will come together for Shine The Light. The data from the kids themselves has been collected and said data was analyzed by Sonoma State and is now an incredible report. I am in process of writing all five health programs based on what the kids said they wanted and/or… Read More

Lots of updates and asking for help…

So……here we go… ~Redwood Empire Health Coalition (a consortium of 14 clinics) are going to gather kids/adults for the pilot programs-this is a big coup. ~The Community Action Partnership is going to develop the pilot programs knowledge tracking assessments, also a big coup and vital to grant funding. ~We are chatting with three major local… Read More

This week with Shine The Light On Kids

I hope you are all going to join us at Snake Oil Coffee, Elixirs and Frozen Mixers located at 435 Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa this Friday from 5:30 to 7:30, for ‘Shakin’ It From The Road!’ You’ll sample milkshakes, coffee and pastries while you hear about what the kids had to say all… Read More