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notion:CREATIVE and Patisserie Angelica

We have yet another fantastic company helping us with our non-profit helping kids with their health. It’s notion:CREATIVE.

This is from their web site:

notion:CREATIVE is a boutique design studio in Healdsburg, California that is fueled by creative brains Aly Anderson and Heather Prandini. We thrive on passion, design and creativity and have combined our skills and experiences to form a well-rounded design studio that offers brand development, print and web design, packaging, marketing strategy, and an all-around good time.

Heather and Aly have agreed to design our new logo for our brand new name that will be released at The Launch Party on May 1st.

On that day, we will thank notion:CREATIVE as well as all our other corporate sponsors and partners and individual donors. Will you join us? Would you help?

Thanks Heather and Aly! We’re so excited that you’re part of our team!

If this isn’t enough for one day, my friends Condra and Debbie owners of Patisserie Angelica have offered to make goodies for our May 1st party! Their bakery in Sebastopol makes exceptionally delicious cookies and pastries. Yes, we eat bunches of kale, but we also eat a cookie now and then!


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