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Pesto means pounded. What do you feel like pounding today? Granted, you can use a food processor, but using a mortal and pestle is fun too and can burn off some steam if need be. Personally, I like a mixture of basil and arugula with a splash of lemon to add a little zing and… Read More

A Roasted Vegetable Salad


Yum! There is something about a salad with roasted vegetables that gives you the best of everything! You can choose your favorite greens and dressing, and you have the depth of flavor of a roasted vegetable. Perfect! I like arugula and sunflower sprouts tossed with lemon and olive oil. Often times I add diced red… Read More

Spices, Herbs, Flavor and Health!


One day, I’d like to attend herbalist school. Ancient wisdom and the wisdom of plants is fascinating to me. I was asked the write this article for the members of The Green PolkaDot Box. Spices, Herbs, Flavor and Health! Simply put, an herb is the leafy parts of plants and spices are obtained from seeds,… Read More