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We all have them and recognizing them can be liberating. Look at your reaction patterns to people and circumstances in all aspects of your life.

Here are some observations based on my own life.

When around moody people I tend to overcompensate and try to be the good-humor woman to lighten the air. Time and time again. This is a lot of work and a major pattern for me. The moody person doesn’t learn to get along with people because I took the lesson away and caused myself a lot of effort in the process. The flip side is that perhaps they like the way they are and I need to learn to let it go.

When around people not doing their share, I pick up the pace and get it done. Not a good pattern for anyone as it can fester resentment in the ‘doer’ over a period of time and others need to learn to pitch in. Lessons for both yet again.

I tend to take over. I move quicker than most, I am pretty strong-willed and this is a bad habit (pattern) of mine. This takes away from other’s efforts. Recognizing this pattern, I am now into collaboration front and center and check my energy (well, sort of) and ego at the door.

There are probably many more, but perhaps this is food for thought for you.


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