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Your Larder First of all, what is a larder? Well, it’s not a pantry. A pantry is, historically speaking, where bread was kept and where preparation of foods associated with bread was done. While we’re on a roll with vernacular, alcoholic beverages were stored in the buttery (“butts” of barrels) and cooking was done in… Read More

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Free, informative, and fun.

Hi all: I would like to begin giving informative health talks/lectures here and there around Sonoma, Marin and other Bay Area counties. I need to gather information about what Bay Area people and their families need to live healthier lives. This is research for me and help for you. No one will be turned away… Read More


A South Dakota young man

Happy Monday! First, I am very excited about our first event at Shelley&Young Winery in about 3 weeks! I sure hope to see you there. There is however something else to share. Dan and Jan O’Connell have volunteered their beautiful site for a huge Gala event as fundraiser for Shine The Light. It will be… Read More