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This week with Shine The Light On Kids

I hope you are all going to join us at Snake Oil Coffee, Elixirs and Frozen Mixers located at 435 Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa this Friday from 5:30 to 7:30, for ‘Shakin’ It From The Road!’ You’ll sample milkshakes, coffee and pastries while you hear about what the kids had to say all over the country as well as what we’re working on now. We’ll have a great time. Join us! It’s a $15.00 donation to Shine The Light On Kids.

This week we meet with a grant writer who has agreed to be paid at a later date for her time. Tanya and I have located, thanks to some tutoring at The Volunteer Center, various grants we’d like to apply for while we wait for Sonoma State to complete the data analysis. Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey has offered to write letters of recommendation to every grant we apply for! I will introduce you to our grant writer after we meet in person this attached to every grant we apply for.

Also this week is our meeting with Rough Edge Productions. They are going to be creating our 30 minute movie all about Shine The Light On Kids. So exciting!

On November 12th we have Dinner and Stories at The Russian River Vineyards and some friends in San Francisco are going to be hosting a party for us there as well. Quite a few more coming up. We’re counting on you to attend ($15.00 isn’t much) and to tell your friends.

Another exciting bit of news is about a possible collaboration with a culinary school that is considering offering a Shine The Light Chef program-state certified, in Florida. I toured the school while I was in St. Augustine and I was impressed by the school and the director. It’s too early to say much more, but you’ll know as soon as we do.

As you can see we have been busy moving forward.

We do have immediate needs. We desperately need someone to sponsor our web site. Your name or your business name will be front and center. For $2,400.00 and $800.00/month, you will be the power that runs our web site. SO important. Even if you can only do one or the other, please let us know.

We also need help being on the Committee for our big Gala in May. We have the incredible location at The Vine Hill House, amazing auction items (tickets to the Grammy’s, a guitar signed by the Rolling Stones and so much more!) our own STL photographers, a DJ and we’re working on a band as well. We will have wine/beer/whiskey tastings and incredible food. Can you help with this?

More soon!


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