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Spaghetti Squash with Toasted Arame

O.K., this one may be a bit odd for some, but it is so delicious!

I took a spaghetti squash and poked it with a knife so it didn’t explode in the oven (like my last one did when I forgot to do this!) and baked it, on a baking sheet, until done. Depending on size, in a 375 degree oven, an average spaghetti squash takes about 45 minutes or so.

Next I let it cool, cut it open and took out the seeds. Using a fork, I pulled out the squash that, as the name suggests, looks like spaghetti.

I heated a little olive oil in a saute pan and added pickled garlic that my sister Margaret had made. If your sister doesn’t make pickled garlic, just slice plain garlic, however much you want. Cook for a couple minutes over medium heat.

I then took out the garlic and put it on a plate so it didn’t get too brown. Next I put in a handful of the seaweed Arame into the olive oil and sauted, stirring occasionally, until it was crispy. Seaweed is exceptionally good for you and most people like it when it’s crispy like this.

I then took out the seaweed and added in the spaghetti squash and garlic, cooking until the squash is warm. Finally I put it on a warm plate, topped with freshly ground pepper and the crispy Arame that adds not only nutrients, but a nice salty flavor and enjoyed my lunch.

Do try it and let me know what you think!


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