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Day 7 Buddha Bowl


O.K., this Buddha Bowl might be a stretch as it contains fish and miso soup, but I’ve taken liberties with all the other Buddha Bowls, so what’s one more?

First I steamed some collard greens. Collard greens are so good for you and are very versatile. I actually use them for the Dolmas that I prepare. While the greens are steaming, I poached the Snapper in lemon water. I am also heating the miso soup (don’t cook over high heat as you’ll destroy the live cultures in the miso that make it so healthy) and simmered it with diced carrots and green onions.

Everything should be ready at about the same time. So satisfying and delicious!

IMG_4230 IMG_4232 IMG_4234 IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4240 IMG_4248


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