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The Healing Kitchen-October 10th

Tomorrow is class 2 of The Healing Kitchen: A Program for Veterans. Please join us! Here is the registration link for class 2. You can also ask a question on the registration form. Please pass this link along to other Veterans you know as well as Veteran Groups

It’s Food Coloring Season…

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It’s Food Coloring Season ‘Tis the season for rolling pins, sugar cookie dough, cookie cutters, and little drops of color added to a bowl of white frosting that turns it into pumpkin orange, Christmas tree green and ornament red. The problem is what is in those little jars of color. Did you know that every… Read More

Tossed or Composed


Tossed or Composed? There are two main types of salads; tossed and composed. A composed salad is when the ingredients are artfully arranged on a platter or plate and the dressing is drizzled on the top. One famous example is Salade Nicoise, which consists of potatoes, green beans, hard-boiled eggs, anchovies and tuna layered beautifully… Read More