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Finding the Gap


Finding the Gap Being a creative, high-strung sort, meditation is something that I have always thought was for others. I have set up little alters with flowers and feathers and incense and a pretty pillow to sit on, purple or deep red being preferable, and tried to call forth a still mind. If anyone was… Read More

Our Veterans and Food


My son returned safely home from Afghanistan in 2010. As a corpsman in the Navy, he was with the Marines in the Helmand Province trying his best to keep them healthy or simply alive when he was needed. As my thank you to the Universe for bringing my son home safely, I offered local Veterans… Read More

Day 7 and Juicers


Today is Day 7 of my Cleanse. The last time I posted about my Cleanse was the evening of Day 2 and I was a little cocky-no symptoms, I’m so clean, etc….Well the next morning I woke up with a headache and I really don’t like headaches. I almost took an aspirin, but held back.… Read More

52 Ways to be Healthier

52 Simple Ways to Be Healthier in 2013 It’s a new year and you are full of hope. This is the year you will claim or reclaim your good health! If you have a little feeling of dread in the back of your mind because this same scenario happens every year, have no fear.  Big… Read More