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Sourdough Bread

I always have sourdough starter in my refrigerator and Saturday I started some bread. I say started because it was a 24 hour process, but worth the wait! Write a comment here if you want the recipe and I’ll email it to you!


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  1. Sharon Sucher says

    I grew up with home made breads – mom always made our bread (and still bakes it). I’ve yo-yo’d between baking all our bread and buying it – mostly for convenience. Lately I’ve gone back to making our bread because I’m concerned with all the additives in store bought bread. I’ve been using my bread machine most of the time because it’s so convenient; but I know that long rises make a more flavorful loaf. I would love to have the recipe for your sour dough bread.

    I just discovered your web site and I plan to be a frequent visitor.