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Paleo? Vegan?

Tuna Salad

It’s no wonder the general public is so confused! Fats are bad, no fats are good-sugar’s bad. Coffee and alcohol is bad for you-no, a little is fine and maybe even good. What to believe…

I suggest that you become your own health advocate. Do plenty of research in different areas. In other words-as an example, look at sites which promote a Paleo diet and then go to perhaps Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. You’ll see they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Read what they have to say, perhaps even try both ways of eating if you like. Do you feel better one way or the other?

There are other considerations of course. Can our Earth sustain a Paleo eating lifestyle? Do you feel healthy on a vegetarian or vegan diet? You need to weigh all the options, and choose what is right for you and your health, while balancing the fact that what we eat affects our environment.

Let me know if I can assist.


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