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Asparagus: The Bastion of Spring

In the spring the focus is on fresh, lighter faire representing the new growth of the season. Outside everything is fresh and green and your plate should be the same. Spinach, tender kale leaves, Swiss chard, lettuce, parsley, and of course the bastion of spring, asparagus. The fresh foods of spring need only light steaming,… Read More

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Farmer’s Market and and Day 2


Pictures can say more than words….look at all these beautiful veggies, fruits and flowers. If you need inspiration as to what to eat for the day or week, simply wander around the Farmer’s Market if you have one in your town, if not, try something new at the grocery store. There is nothing like the… Read More

Texas and Martha Stewart radio shows

Remember last week when the radio show hosts in Texas wanted to go over and slap the parents feeding their kids chips? Well, today is the follow up. Also, tomorrow is the Martha Stewart radio show discussing kid’s health. Both events are on the Calendar. I also added a cooking class on October 12th. Join… Read More

Patch and Wilma update

Sweet Wilma

Well, we’ve been home for 3 weeks and Patch and Wilma have the new routine down and seem settled in. I was really worried about Patch for a while; he was lethargic and I thought he was on his last days. O.K., here’s the gross part. You know that hard as a rock cystic tumor… Read More