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The Buf-fat Table


The holiday season is renowned for being the packing-on-the-pounds season. The following tips will help you to maintain or even loose weight during the season. Chocolates in boxes are everywhere… Don’t have them on your desk or in your house. Don’t put them in your freezer as that will not slow you down; they can… Read More

Seriously Cool


Last night in Livermore, California, there was a Food Truck Extravaganza! I was there with my daughter Olivia, her husband David, his brother Brian and his son Gavin, and my granddaughter Brealyn. It was overwhelming at first. We walked the whole circle of food trucks first checking out the offerings. How do you decide between… Read More

More Fiber, Please!


The average adult American consumes about 14 grams of dietary fiber a day, far less than the recommended 25-35 grams recommended by The National Academy of Sciences’ Institutes of Medicine. What is dietary fiber, why do I need it and how do I get it? Simply put, fiber is the part of a plant that… Read More

Your Body On Stress


The ‘fight or flight response’ is our body’s primitive, automatic, hard-wired response that prepares the body to flee or stand and fight from real or perceived attack, harm or threat to our survival. Without our body’s ability to alter bodily functions when we are threatened, humans might not have survived the Saber tooth tiger days!… Read More