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Bach and Pumpkin


So today I completed the eleven body systems part of the Shine The Light On Kids health program. It’s tricky writing for kids as I don’t speak or teach down to kids, yet it has to be understandable, interesting and fun. I have Bach quietly playing in the background as I completed the last system’s… Read More

Sneaky Junk Food

Sneaky Junk Food There you are working out, baking with applesauce instead of butter, having a decaf (water-processed, of course) latte at your local coffee house, enjoying your usual bran muffin, when you overhear someone tell a friend that same bran muffin has, yikes! 420 calories, is full of sugar and has little bran! This… Read More

Great video on cells

While writing the health programs for Shine The Light On Kids, I have come across some truly amazing work. Be sure to watch this video about the inner workings of a cell. It’s an animated video, really well done and scientifically correct. Watch it with your kids if you have them or your students:

Photos and chit chat

These deer just walked by my office window

My goal for 2010 was to travel the country interviewing kids about their health and I am proud to say I did just that. I received the data analysis from Sonoma State Math and Stat department on December 23rd-an 89 page report! Thank you Dr. Susan Herring and all the students who helped with the… Read More

2011 for Shine The Light

This is the year where everything will come together for Shine The Light. The data from the kids themselves has been collected and said data was analyzed by Sonoma State and is now an incredible report. I am in process of writing all five health programs based on what the kids said they wanted and/or… Read More