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Drop in, or stay a while….

Our first month of classes just finished and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the participants responses. Here’s what one woman had to say.

“The Zest program is filled with lots of healthful information and explanations as to why our bodies respond to certain foods and lots of ways to help us feel better.  Baby steps….not over whelming changes, simple adjustments to be successful with your health goals.  Patty is a wealth of information.  Her knowledgeable of foods and how our bodies respond to them  is only trumped by her enthusiasm and passion for teaching and helping others.”
Thank you Patty, for your love of good health.
Your Friend,
Becky R.

Beginning in February, you can drop in for a single class anytime, or sign up for four consecutive Thursday’s and be supported the whole month. Your Schedule, Your Health, Your Choice!


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