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Cheddar Cheese

Almost everyone has heard of anti-histamine, but do you know what histamine is? Histamine is a chemical neurotransmitter that is released by cells in response to injury and in allergic and inflammatory reactions. Histamine is synthesized from histidine (an amino acid) by an enzyme named histidine-decarboxylase (HDC). It is then either stored, used in activating a receptor, or… Read More

Veggies at Every Meal


Breakfast is an easy way to add more vegetables into your life. If you have oatmeal, add pumpkin or other winter squash, and top with cinnamon. In the spring wonderful little carrots (freshly pulled from the ground if you’re so lucky) are nice with a ginger slice added as you’re cooking the oatmeal. Egg dishes… Read More

Food Addiction 2.0


As co-chair of the Health and Medicine Member-Led Forum at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, I am chairing this program on Food Addiction. It’s 2.0, because the original was four years ago. The impressive speakers from across the country will present new information on this important topic. If you’re a health professional, you should… Read More



Understanding pneumonia is easier when you understand the respiratory system. Respiration is the process by which humans take in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. The respiratory system is composed of the nasal passage, the pharynx, larynx, the trachea, bronchi and lungs. When you inhale air through your mouth or nose, your diaphragm tightens and moves… Read More