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Brown (not Green) Juice and Refrigerators-Day 2

We all need a kick-start sometimes. I have healthy habits about 80 percent of the time, but that figure was slowly eeking into the 70% category and my clothes were getting tight. I have known I need to hit the refresh button for a bit now, but finally something in me said the time was now.


Sunday I woke up, had a cup of tea, looked in the frig for veggies and the fruit bowl for fruit, but before I made a smoothie I  decided to clean out the refrigerator, which melded into wiping down the kitchen cabinets and organizing cupboards. As I sipped on my really delicious concoction, I cleaned out the linen closet. About that time I realized what was happening….my food reset button was trickling out to all areas of my life.

I have decided to lead myself on a similar cleanse that I will lead for others in April as part of our Zest program. Fortunately I have 3 really wonderful juicers, but I am especially fond of my VitaMix as it keeps all the pulp which I personally like. Since I am physically pretty ‘clean’ I wasn’t anticipating many detox symptoms, and now at the end of Day 2, I have no headaches (from caffeine withdrawal) and can deal with a little hunger. From past years, I know that Day 3 is often the hardest.

My frig and fruit bowl are well-stocked with:





Red Peppers


Yams (yes I put them in my smoothies)









Coconut Water

Some of these foods are not in season in northern California, but they are all organic and from California. The Burdock (a great blood toner and diuretic) was not marked with country of origin.

I have been drinking about 4 juices/smoothies a day with as much herb tea as I want and water of course. The hard part for me personally is not cooking. I do love to cook and create meals-it’s only the end of Day 2 and I miss creating a meal already.

My plan is 14 days, but anything after 10 will be fine.

Please remember that I have done these for quite a few years, lead them and understand how to work through symptoms and concerns. I also have no health issues, so I don’t need a doctor’s supervision.

Why the title? My second juice on Day 1 was literally brown, with no chocolate to be found. A little too much of this and not enough of that..which won’t happen again.

Any cheating in two days? Yes…I cooked quinoa for a class I’m teaching tomorrow and I had 3 bites. Not horrible….


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